Welcome to Partners4Housing

Partners4Housing’s vision embraces a nation where all people with disabilities have access to affordable housing and the support they need to live their best lives. We value community and believe that through collaboration we find solutions.

Our mission is to empower people with disabilities and their families to create housing solutions in communities of their choice.

We are excited to announce that Partners4Housing has developed a process for matching people with disabilities and their families who are interested in finding compatible roommates and forming partnerships to create a shared housing solution. The essence of our model is that families commit to working together to identify and secure housing and necessary services, and they collaborate to make the shared solution successful.

At Partners4Housing, we  offer comprehensive packages and hourly rates to assist you as you plan housing for your family member with a disability.  For more information, go to Our Services.

Collaborate, Discover, Create

For more information, contact Pam Blanton at pam@partners4housing.com or 206-383-4209.