Partners4Housing’s vision embraces a nation where all people with disabilities have access to affordable housing and the support they need to live their best lives.  We value community and believe that through collaboration, we find solutions.


The Facts:

  • One in five people has a disability.
  • Many people with disabilities live at home with aging  parents who can no longer provide care for their son or daughter.
  • Family resources are being significantly impacted by recent cuts in services and traditional funding sources.
  • Housing is the foundation for a quality life.
  • Innovative solutions are necessary to create sustainable community living opportunities.
  • Planning is essential.


Partners4Housing Offers:

  • A discovery process that empowers people with disabilities and their families to create a vision of housing for their future
  • Roommate Matching
  • Exploration of housing opportunities
  • Collaboration in designing housing plans with action steps
  • Support in discovering housing options
  • Housing and related resource information
  • An understanding of multi- and interagency roles and relationships
  • Assistance with affordable housing processes and paperwork
  • Workshops, training, meeting facilitation and advocacy


We Value:

  • Respect and Dignity:  Every person is valuable, has potential, and should be treated with dignity.
  • Inclusion and People First:  Everyone belongs and has the right to fully participate in their community.
  • Equality and Diversity:  People are created uniquely with their own passions, talents and abilities.
  • Choice and Freedom:  Freedom is a right, and choice empowers people to realize their dreams.
  • Community and Partnerships:  By working in community, each of us will achieve more.  Through collaboration, we will find solutions.


Pam Blanton, Partners4Housing Founder and Consultant, has more than 20 years experience working in affordable housing.  During her 17 years in King County government, Pam worked with HUD and other affordable housing programs and services.  She developed the Housing Coordinator position at King County Developmental Disabilities Division.  She collaborated with families, housing providers, case managers, and community-based organizations to ensure that people with disabilities had access to affordable housing and the supports they needed to live independently.  She has demonstrated ability to successfully work at the systems level to build collaborative partnerships to increase housing opportunities for people with disabilities. During her seven years as Housing Coordinator, her program successfully supported 450 people with disabilities in their moves to affordable housing.

Pam has worked with people who receive SSI, SSDI, and other funding such as State Residential Support, Medicaid Personal Care, supported employment income, and adult family home services. In addition to helping people move from their family homes into independent housing, she also assisted people in their moves from institutions to community-based housing.

In 2013, Pam began collaborating with Community Homes to develop a new model of housing called Shared Living.  For more information about Community Homes, click here.

When Pam is collaborating with partners and families, her passion is evident.  Her core values and commitment to helping people with disabilities realize their dream of independent living have driven her career choices.  Pam brings warmth and compassion to the people she serves, and she derives great pleasure watching people succeed.

Press Release – Friend of Housing Award  


“Optimism is the faith that leads to achievement.  Nothing can be done without hope and confidence.”

– Helen Keller


For more information contact Pam Blanton at pam@partners4housing.com  or by phone at 206-383-4209.