Freeing people who are trapped in nursing homes

Posted by Pam Blanton on March 20, 2010

By DAN GERINGER,Philadelphia Daily News  TIM KINNIRY, 35, who has lived with cerebral palsy since birth and has always depended on a wheelchair to make his way in the world, has one lifelong dream.

“I want to be an Average Joe,” he said.

Kinniry’s three brothers – one with a milder form of CP; two of them able-bodied – all have jobs, families, unrestricted lives. So did his late sister, Dawn Marie, who is still very much a part of Kinniry’s thoughts.

“I want everything that comes along with being a person,” Kinniry said, sitting in his power wheelchair in his one-bedroom South Philly apartment and looking at photos of his siblings and their families – the only art he has chosen to hang on his walls. “Once I get an idea in my head, you can’t talk me out of it.”

Kinniry’s pursuit of an Average Joe existence once left him so depressed that he attempted suicide.

But he’s 10 years past that now and has been living his dream since January, when he moved out of the Inglis House nursing home and into the Marine Club Condominiums, on Broad Street and Washington Avenue, a mainstream residential community with 293 apartments, an in-house health club and private gardens.  READ MORE

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