Hoping for Section 8 Vouchers, Ending Up With Battle Scars

Posted by Pam Blanton on August 23, 2010

by Rich and Elizabeth Lombino

Here’s the scene: across the country thousands of people are trying to get something that everyone else wants. There are long lines, fights breaking out, people being turned away. Friends and family have come along to provide support and a cool drink in the stifling heat. Supplies are limited and demand is sky high. So what is it that all these people want but only a select few will actually walk away with? Justin Bieber tickets? No, it’s Section 8 housing vouchers (or, more accurately, a spot on an already years-long waiting list).

Without changes to both the application process and the availability of affordable housing, scenes like these could become more numerous. Once again, aren’t we better than this as a nation? Why must families wait in long lines for the hope of something that we should all have the right to? Must people be treated like animals looking for basic shelter from the elements? We will continue to ask these questions until someone gives us better answers. Until the day when people only wait on long lines for concert tickets, not housing.  READ MORE FROM CHANGE.ORG

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