HUD launches new website that provides information related to housing vouchers targeted to non-elderly people with disabilities

Posted by Pam Blanton on December 20, 2011

From The Technical Assistance Collaborative

December 19th, 2011 – HUD just launched a new website that provides information related to vouchers targeted to Non-Elderly Disabled persons (referred to as NED vouchers) in one place.  This one-stop website includes information about the various different special purpose voucher program types that have been awarded since 1997, including program Notices of Funding Availability (NOFAs), HUD Funding Announcements, and Frequently Asked Questions.

This website also provides critical information for Public Housing Authorities (PHAs) currently administering these NED vouchers. Specifically, the website states that all vouchers awarded since 1997 for non-elderly disabled families must be reestablished and maintained as NED vouchers. HUD also provides a link to a list of PHAs and the number of NED vouchers that HUD has established as the PHA “baseline” for meeting PHA obligations [click here (MS-Excel)]. All PHAs will now be clear that, upon turnover, those vouchers must continue to be provided ONLY to non-elderly disabled households. The disability community can use these baseline data to engage PHAs in a dialogue around using these vouchers to meet the housing needs of people with disabilities.  Read More