Norman Smith, co-founder of Project Freedom

Posted by Pam Blanton on September 30, 2010

By JEFF EDELSTEIN, Staff Writer, The Trentonian

Norman Smith, born with cerebral palsy, needed a place where he could live independently, despite his disability. Unhappy with his options, he decided to build one himself. The result is Project Freedom, now scattered over four locations in Mercer County with over 150 living units for the disabled. (Another location is in the pipeline.) Please check out the website at for more information about the non-profit and how you can help build even more units.

How did Project Freedom get it’s start?

The short version is that I needed a place to live where I could be in control of my life despite the limitations caused by my disability. Seeing no viable housing options, Frieda Applegate and I decided to build one. Only in this great country can a man with a disability and a degree in Journalism and a woman with a nursing degree venture down a new path to create an organization with such a bold goal … Project Freedom incorporated in 1984 with the mission dedicated to developing, supporting and advocating opportunities for independent living for persons with disabilities. Project Freedom’s primary goal is to develop, construct, and operate affordable, accessible apartments for people with disabilities. Apartments where people with disabilities make the decisions, live as independently as possible with support as needed, and be productive members of society.  READ MORE

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