On 11th Anniversary of Olmstead, President Obama Highlights Administration’s Actions to Promote Independence & Community Integration of Americans with Disabilities

Posted by Pam Blanton on June 29, 2010

Last year, on the 10th anniversary of the landmark Supreme Court decision in the case of Olmstead v. L.C., President Obama launched “The Year of Community Living.” As part of this initiative, Secretary of Health and Human Services (HHS) Kathleen Sebelius created the Community Living Initiative to coordinate the efforts of federal agencies and support the Administration’s commitment to addressing isolation and discrimination against people with disabilities.

Today, HHS awarded a $3.2 million contract to establish a Housing Capacity Building Initiative for Community Living to connect people with disabilities to affordable housing in their communities. Also today, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) is issuing a letter to state Medicaid directors about the extension of the Money Follows the Person Demonstration under the Affordable Care Act.  NEWS RELEASE

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