Roommate Matching

Partners4Housing has been developing a new housing model for people with disabilities that involves families collaborating with other families to create a shared housing solution.  We’ve heard from many families who are concerned about affordable housing, quality caregivers, personal safety, and loneliness and isolation. Finding compatible roommates is a huge challenge. And, some families feel that it would be more desirable for their family member to live NEAR their friends and peers, but not necessarily WITH them. Most families understand that sharing coordinated services is more economically viable and sustainable for the long term.  

In our Shared Living model, compatible families commit to working together to secure appropriate housing and services and they collaborate to make the shared solution successful. The kinds of services that families desire include supervision, caregiving, meal preparation, shopping, medication management, planning social and recreational activities, transportation, representative payee services, and benefits coordination.

Our Residential Assessment is the first step toward finding compatible roommates and finding other compatible families who want to partner to create a shared housing solution.  Matches are made by considering housing vision, support needs and resources, geographical parameters, desired living environment and lifestyle preferences, favorite activities, and the potential for affinity between roommates and families.

To learn more, go to Residential Assessment.


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